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“Mrembo Africa translates to ‘Beautiful Woman Africa’, in tribute to the inner and outer beauty of the African woman, the beauty of strength and resilience, the promise of a future as students, professionals, leaders, wives and mothers, across tribes, cultures, and perceptions,” explains co-founder and Director Alice Eshuchi. “We are an initiative in Nairobi, Kenya, founded to empower women without regard to borders of origin, to build hope and economic sustainability. As we strengthen their skills in sewing and tailoring to create fashion and decor, they now have the ability to earn to provide food, shelter, and education for their families.”


Since we began our initiative in 2016, we are empowering women of poverty, Kenyans and refugees, to earn as they create fashion and decor. By providing income and pride in accomplishment for our growing group of women in Nairobi, we are inspiring individual and social change. This is an exciting opportunity to see diverse traditional skills manifested in the crafts of the women of Africa being channeled into new markets. Vibrant African motifs uniquely enhance modern designs and create new and exciting additions to the world of fashion.




We possess within us two minds. So far I have written only of the conscious mind. I would now like to introduce you to your second mind, the hidden and mysterious subconscious. Our subconscious mind contains such power and complexity that it literally staggers the imagination.


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